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Why no style?

“No style” is a philosophical statement. We think it might mean that we like minimalism. Less is more, emptiness holds the possibility of being filled, and good design is as little design as possible—so say three people we like, Ludwig, Kenya, and Dieter. But then every once in a while, things need to be a little more punchy, need some panache—so maybe “no style” might actually mean that we like things without elegance, raw and a bit tacky. Add glitch art, just next to Braun, on the shelf of things we like. There are different modes of action that are appropriate for different situations. So perhaps “no style” means that we don’t like to box ourselves in with a particular look, process, or, well, style? We find a way to like just about everything. This process of approaching infinity—of a radical, happy acceptance—turns out to be a great way to find unexpected solutions and is, quite frankly, a lot of fun!






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No Style, S.P. is based in Los Angeles, CA.